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of defence against hypoxic damage". "Animal Models for Investigating the Central Control of the Mammalian Diving Response". "Cardiovascular responses to partial and total immersion in man". Medical Aspects of Harsh sconti rottamazione opel Environments, Volume. 9 10 Carotid body chemoreceptors edit During sustained breath-holding while submerged, blood oxygen levels decline while carbon dioxide and acidity levels rise, 1 stimuli that collectively act upon chemoreceptors located in the bilateral carotid bodies. However, breath-hold time is reduced when the whole body is exposed to cold water as the metabolic rate increases to compensate for accelerated heat loss even when the heart rate is significantly slowed. Plasma volume, stroke volume, and cardiac output remain higher than normal during immersion.

1 13 Circulatory responses edit Plasma fluid losses due to immersion diuresis occur within a short period of immersion. 2 Blood shift edit Blood shift has at least two separate meanings: In medicine, it is synonymous with left shift Blood shift is a term used when blood flow to the extremities is redistributed to the head and torso during a breathhold dive. The physiological responses to immersion of air-breathing vertebrates. "Arterial gas tensions and hemoglobin concentrations of the freely diving Weddell seal". Titolo, collezione, collezione collezione. Heusser, K; Dzamonja, G; Tank, J; Palada, I; Valic, Z; Bakovic, D; Obad, A; Ivancev, V; Breskovic, T; Diedrich, A; Joyner,. 215 (Pt 16 273541.

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2 Aquatic mammals have blood volume that is some three times larger per mass than in humans, a difference augmented by considerably more oxygen bound to hemoglobin and myoglobin of diving mammals, enabling prolongation of submersion after capillary blood flow in peripheral organs is minimized. A b c d e f g h i j k Lindholm, Peter; Lundgren, Claes. Washington, DC: National Aeronautics And Space Administration. E il nuovo programma dellazienda che permette agli utenti, anche italiani, di acquistare i droni professionali a prezzi scontati. Cosa sono i droni ricondizionati? 14 Head-out immersion causes a blood shift from the limbs and into the thorax. The exact mechanism for this effect has been debated and may be a result of brain cooling similar to the protective effects seen in people treated with deep hypothermia. "The dive response redefined: Underwater behavior influences cardiac variability in freely diving dolphins".