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and music professionals, for joining us in support of our commitment to the specialized. Over time, the brothers welcomed other world-class master builders into the Kremona family. Were pleased to find our efforts have been well worth. Every day we hear from our extended family, players and purveyors from all over the world who, trough their love of music and enthusiasm for participation, have become part of what we are today. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! As Kremona instruments spread across Europe, discerning musicians everywhere became part of the extended family.

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Stringed musical instruments since 1924!

That man Dimitar Georgiev returned home to Bulgaria, and in 1924, founded Kremona with his two entrepreneurial brothers. He emerged among the league of master luthiers forged in that legendary German burg. We chose to introduce our wares the way weve always done it, by putting our instruments in the hands of musicians, well-known distributors and caring shop owners, one guitar or violin love at a time. At the conclusion of WWI a young soldier exited the fronts of Europe with his companion mandolin and earned an apprenticeship at the bench of the Markneukirchen masters. Kedysi strieborné, dnes mesto viacerch tvár. Pensieri e Parole -Frasi ed Aforismi Buonumore: la ricetta per diventare ci che sei Due indispensabili risorse sul buonumore Un monito da considerare ed una soluzione da integrare per diventare chi desideri Quando problemi e stati danimo negativi si ripetono perdiamo di vista. Chi non attiva online, invece, pagherà 26,90 per sempre. Chi, al giorno doggi, non ha comprato almeno qualcosa su internet?

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cremona energia sconto 3000